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1. Virginia Mountain Bike Racing 2. Pure Independent Grassroots Based 3. Race Styles: Distance & Time Based 4. Race Categories: Endurance, Expert, Sport, Singlespeed & Beginner 5. Youth Competition 6. Trail Advocacy PayDirt Program.

The Virginia Off Road Series is a grassroots collective point series of mountain bike races across the state. Sometimes, we venture outside the box to include trail running to keep it interesting. Our series is not just any normal mountain bike point series.

The Virginia Off Road Series mixes things up to create more than just strong racing but smart racing too. Our races utilize different styles of mountain bike races such as Endurance, which are time-based over 6 hours in duration, XXC, which is time-based under 6 hours or extended distances, and XC, which is distance-based. To keep you on the edge of your saddle, there may be even a duathlon that involves mountain biking and trail running. Darwin's Rule may not apply.

The Virginia Off Road Series season is usually around 20 races of above style races. We are not a sufferfest. Your best seven races are part of the formula to determine your score. On your eigth race, your lowest race score will be dropped. So, we know everyone has a bad race and this way you can have a 'make up test' to improve your score.


The Virginia Off Road Series does not see itself as 'Governing' or 'Sanctioning' Body and embodies the term 'Grassroots'. VORS believes in good ole fashion mountain bike racing. You will not find two courses or race directors alike in the Series. That's what makes our Series unique. We believe having race directors run 'their' race is the way mountain bike racing is suppose to be. We believe our race directors put safety first, tough racing second..... To add layers of course inspections, officials and other extra burdens on race directors takes away from the racer's experience.

The Virginia Off Road Series is a 'Collective'. Each race is run indepently with a partnership in mind to producing excellent races. Many of our race directors are or were athletes. They understand athletes and connect with them through their individual approaches to racing. VORS is simply connecting the dots to bring all these races under one roof. It's just that simple!

To USAC or Not To USAC?
The Virginia Off Road Series leaves that choice up to the Race Directors.


100 pt scale TIME BASED 18 Hour :
6 hour TIME BASED 6 Hour :

The Virginia Off Road Series' audience reaches across the state!

Sports Backers
Blue Ridge Cyclery
Tidewater Challenge
Bedford County
Blue Ridge School
Miller School of Albemarle
Cville Racing Club
Black Dog Bikes


VORS Coordinators

Woody Elliott

Thom Flynn : VORS PayDirt
Chris Berry : Youth Champion Chase

If there is an objection to any results, said event coordinators make final decision on overall results.

Unsportsman like conduct will not be tolerated at any event or online use such as Facebook, Twitter and/or Forums. Any athlete doing so may be removed from the Virginia Off Road Series.

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